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Buon Kuop hydro-power construction

Name of project:
Buon Kuop hydroelectric project (2006-2011)
Hydropower Project Management Board 5 - Electricity of Vietnam Group
Project location
Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Jut District, Dak Lak Province
Project Scale
Implementation value: 1,232,369,950,000 VND

Buon Kuop Hydropower Project is the largest scale project in Dak Lak province with an installed capacity of 280MW, annual electricity output of 1.4 billion KWh, total investment capital of about VND4,616 billion. In addition to generating electricity for the national power system, this project also regulates the water source, provides water for the downstream of the project, serves to irrigate more than 100,000 hectares of agricultural land in the province, and creates a landscape. environmental management, tourism development, aquaculture... The scale of the project includes the focal line with the main dam and the spillway located on the Srepok river; power line with inlet, water tunnel, pressure tower, pressure pipeline, Factory - channel and outdoor power distribution station 220/110KV.

Vinaconex Corporation is the general construction contractor and direct contractor for construction and installation for the main items: Water tunnel; Penstock; Pressurization tower; The middle construction niche; The final construction niche and some other works.

Construction items include:

- Water tunnel: Structure of reinforced concrete tunnel shell, 7m inside diameter, including two tunnels: Tunnel No.1 (4,080.24m long), Tunnel No.2 (4,116.23m long)

- Rock digging (Applied mining technology: NATM)

- Pressure pipes: Including 2 pressure pipes No. 1 and No. 2 with variable inner diameter D=7m - 6m - 5m, reinforced concrete structure and steel lining. The length of pressure pipeline No. 1 is 278.87m; No. 2 pressure pipe length is 242.9m.