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Real estate business is one of the two key business areas of VINACONEX. This field has been interested and developed by the Corporation since 1995 when VINACONEX started to invest in Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh New Urban Area Project and Trang Tien Trade Center in Hanoi. Currently, VINACONEX and its member units have been investing in hundreds of real estate projects nationwide, such as Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh new urban area project, Bac An Khanh new urban area. - Splendora (Hanoi), High-class beach villa resort complex, marina, casino and amusement park Cat Ba Amatina (Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong), etc.


Bac An Khanh New Urban Area (Splendora)

Following the long-term business development orientation, VINACONEX will continue to focus on developing the real estate business as one of the two main areas of activity. In addition to bringing profits to the Corporation, this field also supports other fields such as construction and installation, industrial production, and building materials to develop together. With the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the field of real estate business in Vietnam, VINACONEX will constantly strengthen and develop member units operating in this field, forming specialized business units. real estate and diversify types of real estate investment and business.


Dai Mo - Tay Mo new urban area

Types of real estate business of VINACONEX

- Investment and business in new urban areas, industrial parks, high-tech parks;

- Business investment in houses and offices for rent;

- Investment and business in resorts, amusement parks;

- Investment and business in commercial centers;

- Investment and business in hotels;

- Other types of real estate investment and business.


Project Cat Ba Amatina

Some real estate projects VINACONEX and its member companies have been implemented

  1. Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh New Urban Area (Hanoi);
  2. Trang Tien Trade Center (Hanoi);
  3. Thanh Hoa Trade Center (Thanh Hoa);
  4. Suoi Mo Hotel (Ha Long);
  5. Holiday View Hotel (Cat Ba);
  6. Infrastructure construction project of Bac Phu Cat industrial park (Ha Tay);
  7. Infrastructure construction project of Hi-Tech Park in Hoa Lac Industrial Park (Ha Tay);
  8. North An Khanh New Urban Area Project (Hanoi);
  9. Resort complex of luxury sea villas, marina, casino and amusement park Cat Ba Amatina (Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong),
  10. VINACONEX Thao Dien high-rise housing urban area project (Ho Chi Minh City);
  11. Vinh Diem Trung residential area project (Nha Trang);
  12. Residential Project No. 2 West Le Hong Phong Street (Nha Trang);
  13. Bai Dai Tourist Urban Center Project (Nha Trang);
  14. Trung Van Urban Area Project (Hanoi);
  15. Le Trong Tan New Urban Area Project (Ha Tay);
  16. Housing project for sale in Quang Minh (Vinh Phuc);
  17. Villa project VINACONEX6 - Dai Lai (Vinh Phuc);
  18. Housing Project on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street (Yen Bai);
  19. Tran Hung Dao New Urban Area Project (Thai Binh)
  20. Project of New Urban Area West of Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Boulevard (Vinh - Nghe An);
  21. Construction project of technical infrastructure and vocational school, housing combined with kindergarten in Trung Hoa (Hanoi);
  22. Ha Dong Trade Center Project (Ha Tay);
  23. Vinh Yen Trade Center Project (Vinh Phuc);
  24. And other projects.