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General introduction to the construction field

Established in 1988 with the task of managing Vietnamese construction workers and staff working abroad, VINACONEX has constantly strived, gradually affirming its position as one of the leading enterprises in the industry. construction Vietnam.

Currently, the Corporation is managing and operating tens of thousands of officers, engineers, experts and workers with rich experience, high professional qualifications and advanced and synchronous equipment. members spread across three regions North - Central - South.

Vinaconex brand is attached to and shines on hundreds of key works and projects, which are important in contributing to the development of the country.


Photo: Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh new urban area, one of the first modern and synchronous urban areas of Hanoi and the whole country

Typical are construction investment projects: Chinfon, Nghi Son, But Son, Cam Pha, Yen Binh Cement Plants; Irrigation - Cua Dat hydropower project (power supply 430 million kWh/year); Buon Kuop and Buon Tua Shar hydroelectric projects; Song Da Water Plant (phase I capacity 600,000 m3/day/night); My Dinh National Stadium; Ha Noi Museum; National Convention Center; Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh new urban area (30 hectares, providing accommodation for 15,000 people); Splendora new urban area (scale 264.4 ha, providing accommodation for 30,000 people); Passenger Terminal T2 Noi Bai International Airport (capacity of 10 million passengers/year)... along with a series of other large-scale projects under construction such as Long Thanh and Phu International Airports. Post…


Photo: Thang Long Avenue

In the field of traffic and technical infrastructure development, Vinaconex has completed and handed over many key projects with a large total investment such as Thang Long Boulevard; Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway; Nhat Tan Bridge; Bai Chay bridge; Main infrastructure development project Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park. Currently, Vinaconex is speeding up the construction progress at Vinh Tuy Bridge Construction Investment Project (phase 2), large bidding packages under the East North-South Expressway construction investment project... and many other works. , other important projects. These are very proud achievements and also a living proof of the strength of a National Brand of the Vietnamese construction industry.


Photo: Mikazuki Spa & Hotel Resort, a key project in Da Nang - a project to deepen the friendship between Vietnam and Japan, built by Vinaconex as the general contractor.

Not only affirming the capacity of the leading general contractor in Vietnam, VINACONEX also conquered the trust of many foreign investors with works that marked special marks, requiring high technical skills - such as: Long Petrochemical Project Son, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Mikazuki Spa& Hotel Resort project, Da Nang… Notably, Mikazuki Spa & Hotel Resort is the first project that Japanese investor chooses a general contractor as a domestic enterprise, project The project also plays the role of bridging the friendship between Vietnam and Japan, further deepening the relationship between the two countries.

Actively increasing core competitiveness as well as looking for business opportunities, besides traditional Japanese and Korean partners such as Taisei, Shimazu Corporation, Sanwa Holdings Corporation, Posco E&C..., VINACONEX continues to open Expanding strategic cooperation with a series of large corporations with potential in technology and finance such as Freyssinet (France), Hyundai E&C (Korea), CPG International (Singapore)... and research and training units in Vietnam. national and international.


Photo: Vinaconex is a strategic partner of Hyundai E&C

The Corporation's widespread presence as a Contractor, General Contractor, and Investor in key projects and international bidding packages is a clear demonstration of the outstanding efforts of the Corporation. VINACONEX throughout the journey of construction, growth and is an important premise towards the goal of becoming a leading economic corporation in Vietnam in the fields of construction, real estate business and financial investment, close contribute more and more to the development of the country.

Photo: Some typical works of TCT VINACONEX


Ha Noi Museum


National Convention Center

Nhat tan 0108

Nhat Tan Bridge


Bai Chay Bridge


Passenger Terminal T2, Noi Bai International Airport