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General introduction to the field

Financial investment

After more than 33 years of establishment and development, building a healthy financial background and constantly expanding in the field of financial investment is one of Vinaconex's strategic orientations.

In 2008, Vinaconex shares (stock code VCG) were officially listed and traded on the Hanoi Stock Exchange. In 2020, Vinaconex changed the listing of shares from the Hanoi Stock Exchange to the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. On December 29, 2020, VCG shares officially traded for the first time at the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, marking the beginning of a new development stage of Vinaconex. High requirements for capitalization and transparency standards when listing on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange will help Vinaconex stock ensure liquidity, enhance its position, establish credibility, and gain traction. opportunities to attract investment capital bring benefits to shareholders as well as enterprises.

Over the past time, Vinaconex has gradually asserted as a "prestige - quality" brand in the market and has built trust in credit relations with many banks and partners, mobilized and arranged a large amount of capital to complete large-scale investment projects such as: Investment project to build Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh new urban area (Hanoi), investment project to build high-class paving stone factory ( Ha Tay), investment project to build Cam Pha Cement factory (Quang Ninh), Investment project to build Lang Hoa Lac highway (Hanoi), investment project to build North An Khanh new urban area (Ha Tay), Construction Investment Project of Song Da Water Plant - Hanoi (Hoa Binh Hanoi, Investment and Construction Project of Thao Dien Urban Area (Ho Chi Minh City).

Currently, Vinaconex continues to maintain and expand relationships with domestic and foreign banks and credit institutions to ensure proactive capital sources to meet working capital needs for production and business as well as business needs. medium and long-term capital requirements for investment projects with competitive interest rates. Vinaconex is implementing large-scale investment projects such as Hoa Binh Boulevard Urban Area (Mong Cai City); The hotel, resort and restaurant area belongs to the eco-tourism area and Ha Thanh beach, Tam Thanh commune, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam; Resort resort Condotel Resort coastal Tuy Hoa; Cai Gia-Cat Ba tourist urban area…

With a wide and comprehensive relationship with domestic and foreign banking systems. Vinaconex is currently a strategic customer of a number of big banks such as Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam (Viettinbank). , Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (AgriBank), Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VP bank), Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TP bank), Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank), Bank Indovina products limited...

Recently, Vinaconex has successfully issued many rounds of corporate bonds to attract investment capital for projects and increase capital scale for enterprises. In the coming time, Vinaconex plans to issue international bonds to create another potential capital mobilization channel in the process of integration with the world economy. In addition, approaching international financial policies is also the goal of the Corporation in the coming time by working towards the application of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of financial statements. timely and efficient financial information and create opportunities for cooperation with foreign enterprises.

Construction activities, real estate business investment and financial investment are Vinaconex's strategic development orientation in the next 5 years (2021-2025). Vinaconex will continue to promote financial investment activities through the implementation of M&A to expand the scale and increase Vinaconex's position. Along with considering M&A projects in line with the Corporation's development strategy in the coming period, Vinaconex will optimize capital sources at a reasonable cost to ensure production and business efficiency of the Corporation. Enterprises as well as ensure the interests of shareholders.

Besides, Vinaconex will resolutely restructure weak, unrecoverable companies or companies that do not need to hold capital in line with the Corporation's development strategy.