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Mon , 16/09/2019, 00:00 (GMT+7)

Rules and schedules of sports to celebrate the Corporation's 31st anniversary

Implementing the plan to organize cultural and sports activities To celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Corporation's establishment, the Corporation's Trade Union has deployed the registration of athletes participating in the competition contents to the grassroots Trade Unions directly. belong. On the basis of the number of athletes registered to compete, the Organizing Committee decides to organize the following contents:

Badminton sport includes the following contents: Men's Singles; Couple of guys; Couple
Table tennis includes the following contents: Men's Singles
Tennis: Men's Doubles
Individual Chess
Men's and Women's Team Tug of War
The Organizing Committee has developed the rules for the competition of the contents, conducted the draw and arranged the schedule for the contents (Details are posted on the Corporation's Website: To ensure the success of the Vinaconex Sports Day 2019, the Organizing Committee announces and requests the grassroots trade unions to do the following:
Notify each Athlete participating in the competition of their unit to know and access the Corporation's Website to grasp the Competition Rules and Schedule of the contents.
Thoroughly grasp and create conditions for Athletes to actively be present at the venue 15 minutes before the match time to complete the competition preparation procedures with the Organizing Committee; During the competition, it is necessary to strictly comply with the instructions of the referee and the Organizing Committee.
The notice requires Athletes to fully prepare conditions such as: Clothes, clothes, shoes, competition equipment and accompanying supporting equipment of each individual suitable for the participating content.
The organizers announce and look forward to receiving the attention and cooperation of the units.

Sincerely thank you./.

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