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Thu , 16/11/2023, 00:00 (GMT+7)

Hanoi Party Committee's Propaganda Department Paid A Working Visit To Vinaconex Party Committee

On the morning of November 16th, the delegation from Hanoi Party Committee's Propaganda Department led by Mr. Pham Thanh Hoc – Standing Deputy Head of Hanoi Party Committee's Standing Propaganda Department, conducted an assessment of the propaganda implementation in 2023 at Vinaconex Party Committee. The delegation included Heads/Deputies of functional departments under the Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Department.

On the Corporation’s Party Committee, there was the attendance of the following:

  • Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong - Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Corporation's Party Committee, Head of the Propaganda Department; President of the Trade Union, Chief of the Corporation Office.
  • Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan - Member of the Standing Party Committee, Deputy General Director of the Corporation (Representative of the Board of Directors)
  • Members of Vinconex Party Committee's Propaganda Department
  • Representative of the Corporation's Communications, Branding, and Marketing Department
The Vinaconex Party Committee is honored to be the unit selected to assess the implementation of propaganda work in 2023

In the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, the Deputy Secretary of the Corporation's Party Committee, Head of the Propaganda Department, delivered a report outlining the achievements of the Vinaconex Party Committee's propaganda work in 2023. The Corporation’s Propaganda Department has adhered to the directives of the Hanoi Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee's Propaganda Department, and the Corporation’s Standing Party Committee to actively execute key tasks related to political and ideological Party building in accordance with the annual plan; promptly and extensively executing thorough and efficient propaganda activities to disseminate crucial information about political and social events in the Capital and the country, as well as the enterprise's strategic directions, plans, and tasks related to production and business to all party members and employees across the system.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, the Deputy Secretary of the Corporation's Party Committee and head of the Propaganda Department reported on the outcomes, experiences, and innovations of the enterprise’s propaganda activities
Mr. Pham Thanh Hoc – Standing Deputy Head of Hanoi Party Committee's Standing Propaganda Department delivered a speech expressing appreciation for the innovative propaganda work of the Corporation's Party Committee

In 2023, thanks to the close guidance of leaders at all levels, the spirit of unity throughout the Party, and the support from the Board of Directors, General Director of the Corporation, the Party building and propaganda works have had positive outcomes that contribute to the successful implementation of the Corporation's production and business duties. Specifically:

(i) Actively advise the party committee in formulating and disseminating crucial policies and directions for 2023 propaganda work, and developing an all-encompassing plan for both propaganda work and the organization of celebrations commemorating the Corporation’s 35th anniversary (eg: launching emulation to boost labor productivity, cultural and sporting activities, fostering corporate culture, etc);

(ii) Provide counsel on the organization of educational activities aimed at thoroughly understanding and disseminating resolutions, directives, conclusions, and regulations issued by the Central Committee, Politburo, Secretariat, Municipal Party Committee, and party committees at all levels;

(iii) Provide guidance, inspection, and encouragement for the execution of propaganda activities including enhancing political theory and propaganda for important capital and national holidays, events, and political tasks related to the annual theme, promoting the role of reporters and propagandists, and strengthening international communication (through press, media publications, awards, etc.) as well as internal communication such as holding weekly flag-raising ceremonies, creating and releasing internal newsletters and utilizing various channels such as websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Zalo, and YouTube;

(iv) Establish and broaden a network of propaganda workers in the entire Corporation, encompassing member units and projects in which Vinaconex is involved.
Given the practical economic movement, for 2024, the Corporation's Propaganda Department is determined to effectively carry out propaganda work, ideological and political education, and foster internal unity nationwide in order to contribute significantly to the promotion of efficient production and business of Vinaconex, and active support for the development of the Capital and the country.
Besides, in the working session, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong expressed the aspiration for continuous guidance in the formulating and promulgating of directives for special activities of Party organizations; specific suitable projects and operational plans especially for non-state-owned enterprises; as well as participated in training courses for propaganda staff to enhance their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness in their roles.

Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan, the Corporation’s Deputy General Director attended and spoke at the working session

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Board, Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan, Deputy General Director of the Corporation, stated that Vinaconex not only fulfills socio-political duties alongside its production and business ones but also actively engages in various activities that exemplify corporate responsibility. These activities underscore the commitment of Vinaconex to the employees and the community through volunteer programs, especially supporting underprivileged areas and remote regions across the country.

Concluding the speech, Mr. Pham Thanh Hoc, Standing Deputy Head of the Hanoi Party Committee's Propaganda Department extended congratulations on Vinaconex's accomplishments. He also highly appreciated the Corporation's experiences and innovations in propaganda work over the past five years, wherein Vinaconex successfully transitioned to an enterprise model without state capital.

To enhance the corporate propaganda work, Mr. Pham Thanh Hoc requested the Corporation's Propaganda Department to stay updated on the economic and social situation, as well as important events in the Capital and the country. That is crucial for offering advice, developing plans, and efficiently implementing propaganda work across the system while actively participating in community activities.

Following this, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong expressed gratitude for the guidance received from the working group. The Vinaconex Party Committee’s Propaganda Department is committed to continuing effective propaganda work and looking forward to ongoing guidance and support from the Municipal Party Committee and its Propaganda Department, aiming to fulfill the assigned political tasks better./.