With greatest efforts since the establishment of the corporation, until now, VINACONEX brand has been recognized in the construction market. The symbolic flag of VINACONEX at all construction sites all over the country has been familiar for quite a long time.

Cua Dat Hydro-power plant in Thanh Hoa province


For such position, the corporation has been constantly investing in and improving the capacity of machines, researching and applying modern technology in construction, such as slip form technology in civil and industrial works, pre-cast concrete product in high stress structures, automation technology, etc. Above all, however, human resource is always given first priority. With more than 40,000 experienced staff, engineers, specialists and skillful workers, among whom many were trained aboard, VINACONEX is capable of implementing modern construction technologies, meeting strict requirements of construction works not only in Vietnam but also in overseas through participating in numerous tenders and construction works.


Construction of high-rise buildings by new technologies


Growing from a construction contractor, VINACONEX can now take the role of a General Contractor.


Types of construction works that VINACONEX is most capable of include:


- Civil, industrial, traffic, airport, harbor, irrigational and underground works;


- Sport, leisure and entertainment works, tourism areas, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, post offices;


- Technical infrastructure, residential and urban areas, industrial and export processing zones, high-tech parks, etc.


- Water supply and drainage, waste treatment and environmental works;


- Hydro power, thermo power plants, 500KV transforming stations;


- Roads, bridges, dams, underground works;


- And others.


During its implementation of construction works, VINACONEX always appreciates the relationships with large foreign construction companies. By cooperation with foreign partners, the corporation’s staff and engineers have a chance to learn their experiences, managerial skills and industrial working style. VINACONEX currently has partnership with construction companies from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, France and Italy, etc.


Thang Long Avenue project, of which VINACONEX was the General Contractor


In the long-term, construction is targeted to be one of the two core business areas which is implemented directly by VINACONEX as the holding company in the relation with its subsidiaries.


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