Industrial and construction material production plays an important role that contributes to VINACONEX’s sustainable development. Industrial products of the corporation and its subsidiaries include cement, electricity, clean water, stone, fiber glass and plastic pipes, safety glass, commercial and pre-cast concrete, etc., are highly required by social demands, produced on modern assembly lines and contain high-tech qualities.

 At the moment, VINACONEX transfers this area to its existing subsidiaries or newly-formed companies to be deeply attached to its two core business areas, i.e. construction and real estate development.

Main products manufactured by VINACONEX and its subsidiaries include:


-          Cement;

-          Advanced compound stone;

-          Terrazzo block bricks;

-          Glaze and ceramic;

-          Safety glass;

-          Washer, felt

-          Plastic frame and door;

-          Steel structure;

-          European-technology pre-cast concrete structure;

-          Construction sand, stone;

-          Commercial concrete;

-          Interior furniture;                                   

-          Electricity;

-          Clean water;

-          Purified water;

-          Water fittings;

-          Package and cement pack;

-          Natural and processed wooden product;

-          Agricultural and forest product.

Large projects include:

1.       Cam pha Cement plant (capacity of 2.3 million tons per year)

2.       Cam pha Cement grinding station in Ba Ria Vung Tau province (capacity of 1.4 million tons per year)

3.       Yen Binh Cement plant (capacity of 910,000 tons per year)

4.       Ngoi Phat Hydro-power plant (capacity of 57 MW)

5.       Cua Dat Hydro-power plant (capacity of 97 MW)

6.       Water supply project for the Hoa Lac - Xuan Mai - Hanoi - Ha Dong urban chain (capacity of 600,000 m3 per day)

7.       Pre-cast concrete structure manufacturing plant in Binh Duong province

8.       PPR-HDPE - DN 20, DN 110 plastic pipe manufacturing plant

9.       Cement pack plant (capacity of 25 million packs per year) in Ba Ria Vung Tau province

10.   Pile and pre-cast concrete structure manufacturing plant in Hai Duong province

11.   Breton stone (capacity of 500,000 m2 per year) and Terastone manufacturing plant (capacity of 420,000 m2 per year)

12.   Fiber glass pipe manufacturing plant (capacity of 150 km per year)

13.   Safety glass plant

14.   A group of hydro-power plants in Lao Cai province (Chu Linh - Coc San - Ngoi Bo - Ngoi Phat) (capacity of 237 MW)

15.   A group of irrigation system and hydro-power plant in Cua Dat, Thanh Hoa province (capacity of 100 MW)

16.   Terrazzo Block manufacturing line.


Subsidiaries operating in the field of industrial production (capital contributed by VINACONEX)


Subsidiaries operating in the field of construction materials (capital contributed by VINACONEX)


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