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Property development is one of the two main business areas of VINACONEX. This area has been developed since 1995 when VINACONEX first implemented the Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh new urban area and Trang Tien plaza in Hanoi. Since then, VINACONEX and subsidiary companies have been implementing hundreds of property projects in all over the country, such as Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh new urban area, Splendora project (Hanoi), and Cat Ba Amatina Resort with villas, yacht harbor, casino, and parks (Cat Ba island in Hai Phong city), etc.

Splendora project

In the long-term, VINACONEX will continue promoting property development as one of its two core business areas, for this area not only brings profit to the corporation but also supports other business areas such as construction, industrial and construction material production, etc. To achieve the target of becoming the leader in Vietnam's property development area, the corporation is strengthening subsidiary companies and setting up more businesses to specialize in the field, as well as diversifying property investment forms.

Tay Mo - Dai Mo new urban area project

 Forms of property development by VINACONEX:

- New urban areas, industrial zones, high-tech parks;

- Housing and office for lease;

- Leisure and entertainment resorts;

- Commercial centers;

- Hotels; and

- Other forms.

Cat Ba Amatina project

 Property projects VINACONEX and subsidiary companies have been implementing:

 1.             Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh new urban area (Hanoi);

2.             Trang Tien plaza (Hanoi);

3.             Thanh Hoa plaza (Thanh Hoa);

4.             Suoi Mo Hotel (Ha Long);

5.             Holiday View Hotel (Cat Ba);

6.             Construction project of North Phu Cat industrial zone’s infrastructure (Hanoi);

7.             Construction project of Hoa Lac High-tech park’s infrastructure (Hanoi);

8.             North An Khanh new township (Hanoi);

9.             Cai Gia - Cat Ba tourism urban area (Hai Phong);

10.         VINACONEX Thao Dien high-rise complex (District 2, Ho Chi Minh city);

11.         Vinh Diem Trung residential area (Nha Trang);

12.         Western Le Hong Phong Road residential area No. 2 (Nha Trang);

13.         Bai Dai tourism urban area (Nha Trang);

14.         Trung Van urban area (Hanoi);

15.         Le Trong Tan new urban area (Hanoi);

16.         Housing for sales in Quang Minh (Hanoi);

17.         VINACONEX 6 villas and adjacent houses - Dai Lai (Hanoi);

18.         Housing area at Nguyen Thai Hoc Road (Yen Bai);

19.         Tran Hung Dao new urban area (Thai Binh);

20.         Western Xo Viet Nghe Tinh avenue new urban area (Vinh, Nghe An);

21.         Construction project of technical infrastructure, vocational school, housing areas and kindergarten school in Trung Hoa (Hanoi);

22.         Ha Dong commercial center (Hanoi);

23.         Vinh Yen commercial center (Hanoi);

24.         And others.

Subsidiary companies of VINACONEX operating in property development area


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