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Cam Pha Cement Joint- stock Company exported clinker to foreign markets
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On 28 June 2010, at the port of shipment of the Cam Pha Cement Factory, the Cam Pha JSC. of Vinaconex Corporation exported 15,000 tons of clinker to foreign markets. Once again, the Company pioneered exports of clinker to overseas markets after a long period of studying, searching and striving with best efforts. This event also affirmed improvement of the Company’s business strategy and operation in the circumstance of surplus of cement supply in the domestic market as forecasted.


Loading clinker on VINACONEX LINE ship


That the Cam Pha Cement JSC. exports clinker to potential markets like the Middle East is considered as a milestone in the cement industry of Vietnam, for this material was often imported by the country from Taiwan, Thailand, and China at high price.

Before, the
Cam Pha Cement JSC. was the first company to export cement to foreign markets. The export of clinker this time has again confirmed the pioneering role of the Cam Pha Cement in expanding the market and developing the local cement industry.



VINACONEX LINE ship is preparing to leave port

One special thing was that Cam Pha Cement JSC. used the 15,000 DWT ship named VINACONEX LINE of Vinaconex Transportation JSC. to export clinker this time as well as to receive and transport other exports to foreign markets. The Company also took full advantage of the deep-water
port of Cam Pha Cement Factory, which is able to receive 20,000 DWT ships. Exploiting all of its advantages and strengths in order to minimize costs and create favorable conditions for partners is seen as guiding principles and business strategy of the Cam Pha Cement JSC.







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